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Capricorn Personality Profile

Date: December 22 – January 19
Element: Earth
Quadruplicity: Cardinal
Polarity: Yin

Capricorns in their early years are extremely innocent. Little do they know that soon they will turn from angels to devils when the harsh realities of the world hit them. By nature, they are very kind-hearted and emotionally fragile. Sometimes they dwell on very insignificant matters that mean nothing to others. They like to portray a cool detached image as they don’t like to be seen as weak or fragile. Capricorns seem tolerant, strong and rational; they don’t express their personal thoughts easily, but they wish to understand the personality of everyone around them. This isn’t so much due to curiosity as much as their yearning to feel secure. It’s their natural self-protection mechanism.

Capricorns will often try their best to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of all their friends and acquaintances. They are usually very accepting of others. If your Capricorn friend points out some of your weaknesses, they are merely trying to help you improve yourself, even if they said it in a sarcastic way.

Every Capricorn has two sides to their personality – an extremely childlike side as well as an evil side. Every Capricorn started out extremely innocent and carefree, got burned at some point in their life and learned it the hard way. Overtime they tend to become sneakier, but this is merely their method of self-defense. When they turn evil, they can be more malicious than all other zodiac signs. The sinister side of Capricorn can be rather scary; when they hate someone, it’s a very absolute feeling. They will not easily hate, but when someone really infuriates them, Capricorns could go as far as having murderous thoughts. That person better watch out for their lives in that case, because disaster is about to descend into their life.

Most Capricorns are rather shrewd and sophisticated in their vengeance style. They will usually not offend someone directly, but will let their enemy know how much they will regret the consequences of their actions. The Capricorn’s retaliation method can be extremely cruel and ruthless. Their payback may be much more than the pain you have inflicted on them. If one day you experience a disaster out of nowhere, you might want to think about the possible ways you might have offended a Capricorn. Capricorns will never hurt people out of nowhere because they hate their wicked side. When they are in revenge-mode, however, they tend to be very sly and plan everything way beforehand. They may have mapped out possible scenarios way before the events happen to carry out the malicious proceedings flawlessly. Perhaps this is related to their pessimism. Most Capricorns despise the evil part of themselves, yet they are unable to emotionally break free from it when they really loathe someone.

Capricorns love to pretend to be naïve in front of their friends. This is mostly due to a lack of self-assurance – they act clueless because only the less intelligent ones can avoid being the target of slander and sabotage. If you’re not someone deemed trustworthy by a Capricorn, they will never let you see their wise and clever side. However, whether or not they act stupid in front of you, they will always treat you with utmost sincerity as they cherish friendships very much.

Capricorns love to be deemed trustworthy by their friends. If they realize that they are unable to obtain your trust, they will see no point in continuing your friendship. Most people that are acquainted with Capricorns will find that they have a very mild temperament. In actuality, their good temper is merely a façade. They have taken the time to understand the personalities and tendencies of all their friends, so even if you did something that they don’t like, they probably already expected it. You could probably go test it out with a Capricorn friend – whatever crazy thing you do will not surprise them. Capricorns are not very picky with their friends. They could be very close to the rich preppy kids, or they could engage in a deep chat with a hobo. Everything is a matter of intellectual or heart-to-heart connection, and they rarely look at people with condescension unless a person really lacks moral principles.

Capricorns usually have a hard time understanding emotions, yet they are aware of it when they feel love for another. They will take every emotion they feel rather seriously.  Capricorns like to joke and make fun of everything, but after they tell you that they love you or start speaking of a serious relationship, you’ll be sure that they’ll never joke about love or relationships with you again. Capricorns, like other earth signs, are very pragmatic. However, their pragmatism is expressed in their gestures to their object of affection. Because they are insecure, they can only express their love through their hard-work. They believe that bringing materialistic luxury to the one they love is when they’re at their happiest. The problem with Capricorns is, when they try to work hard and focus on their career with the purpose of bringing ‘happiness’ to the one they love, their lover may mistaken that for lack of care and interest and may leave them for it. If that happens, poor Capricorns would not know where they have gone wrong.

Capricorns will take the task very seriously when chasing their object of desire. They will usually persevere until they realize there is not a glimpse of hope left. They are true to their feelings and will do everything to obtain the person they want. If you reject them and give them no hope whatsoever in a romantic relationship, they would most probably disappear from your life as they are unable to take the pain of being around someone that they love and can’t have.

When being chased, a Capricorn will not show any sign of interest to a person whom they do not want a relationship with. They are very kind and are aware that short-term pain is less painful than long-term pain. If a Capricorn reluctantly gets into a relationship with you, maybe it’s out of pity. They would start feeling guilty for leading you on and perhaps turn cold, begin to avoid you, make you irritated of them or dislike them. If you’re not sensitive enough to get the message, within the span of less than a year, they would tell you to stop contacting them and disappear from your life. Rest assured that if a Capricorn truly loves you, he/she will never reject you.

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